Do You Want A Young Looking Face? Here’s How to Age Graciously!

Age creates a lot of changes in your body. The changes in your face are the ones in the limelight. In the past, there were not much to do about it, but now technology has grown, and many effective methods have been devised for wrinkle removal, facelift, skin improvement, etc. According to, bringing a youthful look in your face helps in increasing your self-confidence greatly.

Ageing is something which you cannot choose to stop! All you can do is to make use of the available methods and choose to age graciously. Let us see how the aging process affects your face and what can be done to deal with it beautifully!

What happens to your face when you age? As you age, your forehead undergoes expansion because of your receding hairlines. The cartilage in your ears grows, and hence your ears lengthen a bit. The cartilages and the connective tissues in your nose also weaken over the time and hence your nose tip also undergoes drooping. Your eyelids start to become saggy or droopy. They also tend to get puffier due to fat deposits. These are some of the visible changes that appear on your face.

In addition to this, there is the formation of wrinkles. Wrinkles appear due to the degeneration of the skin and the skin eventually losing its suppleness. Moreover, there are structural changes taking place on your face. During your young age, the fat is distributed uniformly throughout your body with some areas here and there which are more focused (like the cheek, temples, etc.). As you grow older, the fat starts losing volume and start shifting downwards thereby losing the sharpness of your features. The lower half of your face, especially the area around your chin and the neck starts becoming bulkier and hence affects your overall appearance.

Methods to deal with aging graciously

· Lotions and creams for external application- Several products are available in the market which can smoothen your skin. Exfoliating scrubs and creams help to get rid of dead cells on your face. Moisturizers keep your skin nourished and hide wrinkles.

· Injecting botulinum- Botulinum toxin injection is used to get rid of the expression lines on your forehead. This toxin works on the muscles and smoothens out the skin on the forehead. Lines which are very deep may not go away.

· Skin fillers- Age creates lines on your face due to fat deposits and reduced collagen. Dermal fillers help in removal of such lines. The lines that extend from nose to mouth and the ones from the mouth’s corners to the chin are the main target locations for this treatment. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc., are the materials used as dermal fillers.

· Laser treatments- Laser treatments act not just in the outer layers of your skin. They work in the deep layers and stimulates the formation of collagen. The increased amount of collagen, in turn, helps in the youthfulness of your skin.

In short, there is no dearth for techniques to retain your young-looking face. All you have to do is explore and analyze the methods which suit you the best!