How much weight can you lose with Bowflex Max Trainer?

You can hope to lose a lot of weight by working out on the Bowflex Max Trainer. Studies show that it is indeed possible to burn calories to the range of 2.5 times more than you could on a treadmill. This is because this machine combines the effects and movements of the standard treadmill, stair-stepper and elliptical trainer, all in one.

The Max Trainer guarantee benefits of longer workouts which are doable in much lesser time. Max trainer has excellent reviews online and it is most convenient for people who want to lose weight but are not able to get the time to exercise every day at home or in the gym. This machine also helps to improve stamina and endurance. The best part about the Max Trainer is that it offers zero impact workouts. Weight loss can be achieved through exercises and diets. So, besides working out on the machine, it is also important to watch your food intake. And, this is why the Bowflex Max Trainer offers a six-week diet plan that can make sure you stay on track. You will get healthy recipes and valuable tips to manage meals and sustain the weight loss.

The Max Trainer gives a 14-minute rigorous workout which targets both your lower body and upper body muscle groups. The amount of weight loss on the Max Trainer will vary from one individual to another. It depends entirely on how frequently you work out on this equipment, whether you follow a healthy diet, and how determined you are to get results. It benefits both seasoned athletes who want to improve their stamina and also beginners who are trying to lose some weight. There is no exact amount of weight that you can expect to lose using this fitness equipment. Users claim to lose between 10 and 30 pounds in the course of 10 weeks of they stick to the workout routine. Even though the workout session lasts only 14 minutes, the body continues to burn calories long after it is over.