Advantages Of Therapee Bed-Wetting Alarm

Bed-wetting has put many grown up kids in an embarrassing position. There are many reasons, why a kid at the age of 6 and above would wet the bed. Of late, bed-wetting system has gained more popularity as it offers significant advantages. You can click here to know one of the exciting bedwetting alarm systems available in the market. If you are interested in reading news related to bed-wetting and medical conditions, you can visit In this article, we will discuss one of the popular bedwetting alarm in the market – Therapee.

This product was developed after years of research. Unlike other alarm, which mainly uses sensor and buzzer, the Therapee also uses cloud-based software for enhanced functionality. This bed-wetting alarm not only stops the bed-wetting, but also helps to improve the quality of sleep. This product is great for anyone, who suffers some medical conditions, which can impact the quality of sleep. Now let us discuss the features or advantages of this product.

The two major parts of this bed-wetting system are sensor pad and alarm. Here, the alarm is coupled with cloud based software, which aids the patient to stay dry throughout the night and enjoy unhindered sleep. In short, this product ensures that patient enjoys a highly comfortable sleep. The STOPEE pad in this product, prevents the false alarm caused due to the moisture of sweat or humidity. The very first drop of urine is correctly detected by the system and produces loud alarm to make the patient awake quickly.

There are lots of good things to speak about the sensor pad. First, this pad is made of quality PVC material that will not cause irritation on the skin. According to many people, this pad is very safe to use for anyone with different types of skin. This product is designed to offer a highly comfortable and user-friendly use. This product has child-protection for added safety. This feature prevents the accidental or unwanted use by the kids.

The sensitivity of the sensor plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of the bed-wetting alarm. Therapee uses 7-degree of sensitivity sensor, which effectively prevents the false alarms. The alarm is capable of producing 10 types of sounds and the volume control allows you to increase or decrease the sound level to your convenience. This bed-wetting system is also equipped with various LED lightings to make the operation easier and convenient. Above all, this product includes an easy-to-understand manual, which helps the beginners to learn to use the product easily.

The battery in this product has a lasting life. It means you do not need to change the battery frequently. To know more about this amazing product, you should read the reviews written by some of the experts on the Internet. The reviews can tell you pros and cons of the product, thereby helping you to take a wise and informed decision. Make sure that you read the genuine and honest reviews, rather than some fake or biased reviews. You can order many products on the Internet. Ordering products online help you to save money and time.